Sunday, January 31, 2010

Georgia History Update Ch. 13 The Civil War

Students are currently studying the Civil War (Ch. 13 in the textbook). There will be an overview of the events and battles leading up to the pivotal Battle of Gettysburg. The movie "Gettysburg" will be shown to the class. Instruction during the movie will include a thorough look at weapons, battle field tactics, and persons invovled in the battle. Included will be the relationship between Generals Hancock and Armistead, the involvement of Walton County troops, and the role of some of Coach Lucas' ancesters in the battle.

Instruction will conclude with an overview of the remaining events of the war and a thorough focus on the the Battles of Atlanta, the March to the Sea, and the lives of Georgians during the war.

Students will be provided with an extensive list of names and terms to master. In addition, they will, as always, be required to complete and turn in the "Locating the Main Ideas" from the chapter at the time of the examination over this material.